Just The Way We Like It: Surf It All & Surf It Fast

I still vividly remember the day when India was playing Australia in the World Cup 2011 Semi Finals and I had a stupid coaching class to attend, preparing for IIT-JEE examination. We, the students, were using all ways to stay updated with the scores. We had kept our mobile phones in our bags, because it wasn’t allowed to keep them in pockets, and had told brothers and sisters at home to send a score update every once in a while. But this mechanism was too much disorganized. Sometimes they sent scores after every 10-15 minute and sometimes there was no update for 30 minutes. Ans sometimes we couldn’t grab  a look when the update was send, and they grew in numbers without being looked at. How we bore those 30 minutes of suspense about what is happening on the ground, only we know 😛

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The Meaning of Diversity

I am sure almost everyone is familiar with the cliché statement (and its reference every now and then) that “India is a diverse country”. What I find hard to understand is why specifically India is referred as a diverse country? What makes India different from the other nations? And why are some people really proud of the so-called-whatever-it-indicates-term “Diversity”.

I would like to answer what diversity really means to me and how it really comes into existence. I would also like to take an ethical stand on whether diversity in its true meaning, is good or bad, important or not, and most importantly why or why not. Continue reading