Fast, Faster, Fastest: Airtel 4G!

And Airtel is again back with a bang! Quite a big bang this time. After a huge success of its new Airtel App, Airtel has now launched a 4G network. 4G, in itself just sounds WOW, doesn’t it?

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From Boring to Breathtaking

I’m not a ┬áparty person. So I have never really enjoyed my, or for that matter, any college’s fests. I simply find them boring. Thousands of people are shouting and screaming like they have never heard and enjoyed music before in their lives ever. What’s the point of that noise?


They say variety is the spice of life. We will go a step ahead and say that freshness is the fuel of life, something that we all crave. It is the one factor that keeps us going, which is why we look for freshness in everything from our food to our relationships and jobs.


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