Why everyone should take the #TaxPledge with H&R Block!

I recently graduated and started working. It has been an amazing and exciting experience for me.  It has also been a strange and different feeling. Why do I say so?
Because a lot of grown up stuff comes along when you leave college and enter the corporate world. It’s not like living in a carefree world anymore. I realize that being an adult is quite challenging, and it is quite some hard work too!

First job is always exciting. And so is the first salary. I recently got my first salary and like a lot of people I too started wondering about filing taxes. Money related questions like the following popped in my head:-

Q: How to file income tax in an easy and informed way.
Q: Benefits of filing Income Tax Returns?
Q: How to save income tax?
Q: What are the best investment options (Conservative & Aggressive)?

Filing IT returns is not just our responsibility towards our nation, but is also helpful to us in our financial life.

  • Wish to apply for a loan? We will need to show our IT returns records.
  • Applying for a visa to fly to another country? Again, we will need to show proof of filing IT returns.
  • Wish to improve your credit score? We will need to have our IT returns in place.

I learnt that my education loan was also sanctioned easily on the basis of the ITR returns filed by my parents. So, income tax return started impacting me positively even before I started to file my own IT return.

Also, personal and financial benefits aside, filing IT returns also makes us a better citizen. Income tax is one of the sources of income for the Government, with which it funds infrastructure and welfare projects. It also is a barometer for progress, as rising income tax shows a corresponding growth in income.

I have always felt proud being a honest, liable and responsible citizen of my country.

So there we go. There is no reason why anyone should avoid filing IT returns, especially when the process can be done in a few clicks with e-filing platforms like H&R block.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

Go ahead, blog for #TaxPledge, ensure that all of us are on the right side of filing returns, and file your IT returns the easy way with H&R Block!


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