Datsun redi-GO | The Ideal Car

The Datsun redi-Go is here people πŸ˜€

The three features I like the most in the car:-

The Exteriors and Interiors: Well, the Dutson redi-GO is in the league of Maruti 800 in terms of engine power and cost, but hey, what looks πŸ˜€ They exterior design of the car is enough to make you feel good about the car and boost it as a sweet and small beauty. The shape is awesome and puts the car in the league of beautiful looking cars.

The interiors of the car give it a royal look and an amazing appeal. Its important because they make you feel really good about the car. The interiors are right in front of the eyes all the time. They being beautiful is a treat for the eyes.

The Fuel Efficiency: The Dutson redi-GO is fuel efficient car. And that appeals to me the most because being a Delhite, I may dream to have a car to fulfil and experience some thrilling car drives but can the Delhi traffic ever let me have enjoy that thrill? Well, I really doubt.

I am a recent graduate, who is gonna to start a job very soon. I am going to start earning for. If I am to think of buying my first car, I would any day prefer to drive a car that is sustainable. That helps me save on fuel and give decent comfort while traveling. The Dutson redi-GO seems to be the right match for me.

Easy to Drive, Handle and Park:Β Another very important parameter. I would prefer to have a car that is easy to handle and comfortable to drive. In Delhi where people go mad for parking space, it’s a huge advantage to have a car that parks easy. A Honda city may look flashy on the road, but when it comes to parking, it’s a mess to park tha car and the drivers scare easy when it comes to parking. I know a friend who doesn’t take his Honda city to places which don’t have an easily available parking space. Even I prefer to take scooty/scooter to places nearby where parking could become a problem. I don’t even like to drive big and heavy cars as they are not smooth and easy to drive on the road. The dutson redi-GO seems to offer a smooth ride which appeals to me a lot.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence.

The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Where would I like to drive the car?

Chandigarh would be an amazing place to drive the car. The well planned roads would make it easier to drive the car with best fuel efficiency. If given the choice, I would live to hit the car on the roads of Chandigarh. However it seems to be equally comfortable to drive the Duston redi-GO on the roads of Delhi and that’s what appeals to me the most, because that’s the real challenge. What can be driven well on the roads Delhi can be driven well anywhere in the world.

I feel that the Duston redi-GO would help me beat the urban driving blues by providing a easy, smooth and sustainable driving experience. The compact yet beautiful looking shape and size would allow it to park easy which would be a huge advantage for a Delhite like me. The economical price and awesome fuel efficiency makes it an ideal buy for someone like me who would in near future look to buy a car once the first job salary starts to kick in.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


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