Jazzing up! #MaxFreshMove

“They say variety is the spice of life. We will go a step ahead and say that freshness is the fuel of life, something that we all crave. It is the one factor that keeps us going, which is why we look for freshness in everything from our food to our relationships and jobs.”

I completely agree that everyone’s way of bringing this freshness might be different, but the one thing that not just me but a majority of people will agree with is that there is nothing better than some dance and music to jazz up your life. Be it unwinding with some music at the end of the day or venting energy in a club by busting some moves, dance and music make us shed our proverbial skin and renew our vigor for life. This is absolutely true.

I unwind with music. I spend a good amount of time in a day listening to music, and believe me I love doing that. It’s the best metro remedy as well. Music takes you to another level, a different zone, in your own world. I have playlists for different moods. The “Dhinchak” mood playlist is filled with Anushka Manchanda songs. They go well with the dhinchak fancy mood.


Dance is also welcomed, but you see music is more easily accessible, so, well yeah that comes first. If dance is also an option, I don’t think I mind shaking bodies 😛 I would love that.


I also have a dancy mood playlist, playing the songs of which I like to dance along. However, I am not a dance fanatic, so don’t know much about it and the dancy songs are not of a specific type. It’s like whatever works for me 😀  Although I have some friends of mind who are into jazz dancing, they follow a few clubs where jazz dancing nights are organized. I would probably want to go and try that sometimes.


The idea of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda and the likes of a fancy dancy and musical night is inspiring and enthusing me. When it comes to dance, there’s no one better than Allu Arjun, and Anushka Manchanda accompanying the performance with her vocals would take it to another league altogether. I am already imagining awesomeness. Just wish to be part of that amazing night.


I have a personal liking towards new experiences. They energize me anyway. Now, if a new experience of attending such a eventful night with the likes Allu and Anushka, what better can I ask for? 😀

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda.com. Are you?



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