Time to Be Nice to Our Skin!

So today, I will share some of the natural and simple Skin Care tips with my readers. It is very important to take care of our skin, so it makes a lot of sense to write and discuss simple things that would help us take care of our skin:-
 “Ayurveda has various benefits over cosmetic facial cleansing regimes. An Ayurveda facial care regime improves the texture and health of skin as opposed to a harmful cosmetic ones. Its Ayurvedic formula combined with the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads.”
1.  Use Face wash: While bathing  and before sleeping at night. It is a freshness provider as well as a face cleanser. Too good to forget to use.
2.  Use Vicco Turmeric cream: Because, well, this:

Turmeric is a wonderful versatile root that has been in every Indian household for centuries. Its amazing properties range from flavoring curries, to sterilizing wounds, to grooming women.

Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream is a harmonious combination of medically invaluable Turmeric with cooling and fragrant Sandalwood oil.

This Ayurvedic cream vanishes into your skin, rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin from within, leaving it soft, supple and young looking.

Being pure and natural, with all the wonderful attributes of turmeric and sandalwood oil, Vicco Turmeric Cream gives the skin a radiance that mere cosmetics can’t hold a light to. It also protects the skin from ultraviolet Rays of the sun and maintains the original color of pigments of your skin.

The cream is beneficial in the prevention and cure of acne, pimples, boils, blemishes and other common disorders of skin.

Due to proven medicinal properties of its active ingredients, the Government has permitted manufacturing of Vicco products under Ayurvedic Drug License.

3.  Use Protection from sun: The weather these days is so hot and humid that we really need a good strategy to keep ourselves safe. After all, we have been studying since 5th grade that how Ultra Violet/ UV rays are harmful for our skin and how it even can cause skin cancer. So, what do we need to prevent all this? Apply sunscreen, in limit, thirty minutes before you have to go out in the Sun. And don’t forget to take an umbrella in this scorching heat.
4.  Multani Mitti. This is something every grandmother has asked us to do and follow their example to even our kids in the future. 2 Tbsp of Multani Mitti and a few drops of rose water is all you need. Mix them, make a paste and apply on your face. Wash it after a few minutes and see the magic *.* Twice a week!
5. Eat less oily food to prevent pimples. Though it’s easier said than done but what’s the harm in trying? Resist the tasty food few times and be pimple-less 😀
^do watch this video for more information!
I’ll be back soon with more awesome posts 😀 Write about your tips for a healthy face as well!
P.S.- Do visit http://www.viccolabs.com/product-turmeric-cream-with-foam-base.php and update your knowledge 😀

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