Kapil Dev’s Nayi League :D

Kapil Dev has been talking to celebrities about how they would fail if they played his Nayi League with all their heart. We need to watch the videos below and tell what we think #EkNayiLeague is all about! 😀
Well, that now is something cool to interpret and listening all that from a legend makes it all all the more fascinating.

Okay, so moving on, I would like to thank a friend who is a news freak and keeps me updated as well, it is because of him that I have some idea about what Mr. Kapil Dev is talking about. The nayi league he mentions is a stock trading activity. I have some information regarding the same through some source (an authentic online article):

Mumbai-based discount broker SAMCO Ventures is roping in PE investors and former Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev as brand ambassador to launch ‘Indian Trading League’ (ITL) in which any stock trader can participate.

ITL, a separate entity formed to host the event, would give away prizes to the best performer every week and every month, with Rs 1 crore to the winner for the whole year. Jimeet Modi, CEO, SAMCO Ventures said the league will be launched this month but declined to share more details.

Well in the world of sporting leagues, and the Indian Premier League also  currently on, so this new concept of Indian Trading League looks all the more exciting and interesting. And Kapil Dev being the ambassador to present the idea gives a sense of connection to the general audiences. It appeals to the masses and that is something I would say would sell as a unique value proposition.

Also, its very fascinating how ITL is valued somewhere around a 100 crores. (As per the following source):-

According to a person involved in the project, Siddharth Mehta, founder of PE house Bay Capital, is acquiring 7.5% in ITL, valuing the outfit at Rs 100 crore. Deloitte India will audit the systems and processesto improve transparency and investor confidence.

It’s quite interesting to see how some online low cost brokers are giving traditional brokers a run for money. All because of new ideas, innovation and the flowing creativity in abundance. The new age entrepreneurs are very innovative and ready to experiment new and interesting ideas.

They are making a mark and having their presence felt. The Indian Trading League (ITL) is just a small example and accounts for just a drop in the  large sea. It’s cool and exciting.

A lot of buzz is going around the same on twitter too, Kapil Dev has announced what this nayi league is all about on his twitter accounts and also 5 lucky winners will get the chance to meet him, isn’t that cool?


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