Against All Odds

It often happens when there is something big to decide, two very interesting people inside me have the most amazing arguments with each other, one is a real positive, over optimistic dude who always considers the best case scenario and one is a real cynic and pessimistic dude who always considers the worst case scenario. Together they blend into a real and honest me. They help me take an informed decision. Well sometimes only, sometimes I just send them away and go with the vibes, because, hey energy never lies.

So this happened a few years ago…..

The Positive Dude: “I really want to go there man. I really do. It’s going to be a life changing event for me. I have waited enough for it. I have worked hard to achieve a spot in there and I won’t let all my hard-work go away in vain.”

The Negative Dude: “But you know man, you won’t be allowed to go. And your well wishers do have a solid argument as well, you do need to consider the opportunity cost involved. What all you have got to leave. It’s not that easy man.”

The Positive Dude: “It’s not about what I am going to leave buddy, its about what I am going there to achieve. It’s my dream and it won’t come around sitting here doing nothing, I got to stand up and take the risk, I am passionate about it man.”

There was a camp for few selected athletes ( I was lucky enough to get selected as a tennis player) from my school who were called to get trained under the world’s best coaching staff from Spain. It was going to be for 6 months and for those 6 months, the selected athletes had to leave school and stay in Bangalore. Educational facilities were arranged there, but everyone knows what kind of studies happen in sports camps. No one gives a shit.

It was a big decision to make and I had all these people inside me fighting for a while. But I really wanted to go. I knew the positive me inside was dominating but whenever there is a big change involved, you know like going away from home and staying alone for a while, it takes immense amount of courage to take that bold step.

The Positive Dude: I am gonna go man, I am gonna do it. I am not gonna fear. I am gonna take the opportunity and make sure I work hard enough to convert it into something big. I am not going to let go and regret later. Whatever happens, I will be happy I had to courage to take the bold step and do my part. And in the end, I will have nothing to loose, a great experience of my independence and freedom is the least I will surely get.

I thank gods whatever may be.
For my unconquerable soul.
I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.

At Housing, we love change – good change! Change signifies that we’re moving forward, living better, and giving ourselves the chance to be the best we can possibly be.


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