The Moment It Was…

I have said this every now and then, that the metro doesn’t cease to amaze, in all the good and bad ways. Every once in a while an event worth writing upon happens, while travelling in the metro. I am glad the current event I am going to report is a nice and beautiful one, irrespective of the fact that most happenings are blah and interesting just because of the bullshit behavior involved. Continue reading


Against All Odds

It often happens when there is something big to decide, two very interesting people inside me have the most amazing arguments with each other, one is a real positive, over optimistic dude who always considers the best case scenario and one is a real cynic and pessimistic dude who always considers the worst case scenario. Together they blend into a real and honest me. They help me take an informed decision. Well sometimes only, sometimes I just send them away and go with the vibes, because, hey energy never lies. Continue reading

Go With The Vibes

Festivals and big occasions like a promotion or a wedding are generally a cause for celebration for everyone. A celebrations gets our spirits up and makes our days sparkle with excitement. So the question is, why wait for an event to happen? Why can’t we #CelebrateLife everyday?

Well, I believe we truly can, and today I will write about how I uniquely celebrated the joy of life recently with no big festival or a special occasion. Continue reading


Highly inspired by my college’s Philosophical Society’s (Philosoc) first Panel Discussion on “Censorship and Freedom in India: Philosophical Issues”, I thought about commenting on the notion of freedom in itself through this post. Freedom is a highly discussed virtue in the philosophical word and many philosophical theories have encouraged and motivated the followers on the highly inspirational path of freedom. But what actually is freedom? How does one attain freedom? Is freedom good? Does it come with any conditions? Continue reading

5 Phrases I Use In Almost All Situations :P

1. “Whatever Works”

I am a Woody Allen fan, and this is the title of one of his movies. I have also heard the reference of this phrase in some of his other movies too. It just suits a lot of situations you see. I am a relativist, I don’t believe in absolutism, every scenario, every situation is relative and its just about “Whatever Works” depending upon the situation, the people, the scenario and everything such. The reasons are what should make sense and hold value. Otherwise no situation is a right or wrong in itself, its whatever works. Like for example, a couple’s relationship stuff might sound weird to some, but its simply whatever works for the couple. Nothing else matters. Everywhere, it applies everywhere in my world. 😀 Continue reading