Technology and Addiction: Questioning our Thinking (Part-4)

Social media provides a platform and the internet the medium and this is more than enough for all kind of content, ideas and information to flow endlessly over the web. It’s nice, isn’t it, to every question there is an answer, to every argument there is a counter argument. To every problem there is a solution. Also, all this so easy, convenient and quick to find and get. Then why should thou think? The “too much information” although leading through a genuine intent and need has lead to a situation where our creativity and originality can be questioned.

The internet never sleeps. While getting news from across the world in under a minute has become a possibility, trying to keep up with it isn’t. 

The internet has so much to offer that it is never enough. Sometimes we read, trust readily and get influenced easily (consciously or unconsciously). We get biased and our opinions get shaped. There are other times when we read a lot and get confused. Take for example the recent AIB Roast controversy, a video gets uploaded on YouTube, some people don’t like it and they revolt. The AIB group responds and justifies, then Aamir Khan gives his opinion, then a blogger writes an open letter to Aamir Khan, and then another blogger writes another open letter to the blogger who wrote an open letter to Aamir Khan, then Aamir Khan again responds and it goes on; endless information, endless opinions on the issue; all waiting to be read by us. And everyone has their share of supporting arguments. And there is no way to filter the content than applying our own brains to look for which argument is authentic and which is not, but we have become so much accustomed to getting the information too easily that it is sometimes so much of an effort to think on our own. The first thing we naturally do when trying to find out about such issues is to browse the internet. Its good when we are looking for facts, but when it’s about having an opinion, we surely need to have our own opinions first because however scary this might be to hear, it very much make sense to question that our own opinions, values and thoughts might be a result of biasing and crafting of the internet.  Who knows, our entire thinking might be a result of someone else’s idea. We need to awaken our senses and get real.


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