Existentialism (Part-1)

So I read this book called, “How To Be an Existentialist, or How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses” by Gary Cox and I liked the book, hence I would like to give out a brief introduction about Existentialism in this post before coming back to another post on the takeaways from the book. Continue reading


Technology Addiction: Cyber-Medium to Cyber Receivers (Part-5)

While social media is changing the means through which humans interact with other humans, the basis of human relationships is still intact. When we have need of someone to talk to, we turn to our friends or family, although through WhatsApp or Facebook. But with the emergence of artificial intelligence and robots, this last strand of human involvement in the cycle of social interaction will soon be cut out.  Individuals will be completely isolated from human interaction by technology. Continue reading

Technology and Addiction: Questioning our Thinking (Part-4)

Social media provides a platform and the internet the medium and this is more than enough for all kind of content, ideas and information to flow endlessly over the web. It’s nice, isn’t it, to every question there is an answer, to every argument there is a counter argument. To every problem there is a solution. Also, all this so easy, convenient and quick to find and get. Then why should thou think? The “too much information” although leading through a genuine intent and need has lead to a situation where our creativity and originality can be questioned. Continue reading