Technology Addiction: Driving vs Being Driven (Part-3)

Suppose a girl flirts with a boy, and the boy reciprocates by holding her hand, asking for more. Any of the following three cases may follow; 1) the girl might hold back his hand; 2) the girl might push his hand away; 3) the girl might have her hand held by him and do nothing. Continue reading


Technology Addiction: Altering Our Lives (Part-2)

Technology, in a more emphasized form of social media and the internet keeps us connected to the world. It provides a medium for the flow of information and ideas from anywhere to everywhere. It is actually enabling us to expand the horizons of our existence and get a sense of belonging to the world. It keeps us updated and well informed about what is happening around. It helps us attain knowledge, which leads to a sense of well being. But it won’t be wrong to say and question that: Continue reading

Technology Addiction: Redefining Human Norms (Part-1)

Technology is a term so commonly used that it is no longer fully understood. Consider the room around you. What technologies do you see? You may have a smart phone, a laptop, a computer or an AC around you. Look more closely, are there any more? You may say the fan or lights in the room or the watch on your hand. What you didn’t realize is that the chair you’re sitting on or the news paper you might have read in before are also technologies. Continue reading

The Meaning of Diversity

I am sure almost everyone is familiar with the cliché statement (and its reference every now and then) that “India is a diverse country”. What I find hard to understand is why specifically India is referred as a diverse country? What makes India different from the other nations? And why are some people really proud of the so-called-whatever-it-indicates-term “Diversity”.

I would like to answer what diversity really means to me and how it really comes into existence. I would also like to take an ethical stand on whether diversity in its true meaning, is good or bad, important or not, and most importantly why or why not. Continue reading